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mariana gillot
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The theme of my work focuses primarily on human relationships and the interaction between man and his contemporary world. I focus on current social problems and issues that make me wake up every day. These are anxieties and doubts that have been with me since I was a child, and for which I feel I will continue to search, even when for so long I have found so few answers.


They are pure calls for attention to the disconcerting reality of all of us and the underlining of my indignation, of the dependent way of being, of living, of selling ourselves, and especially in the possibility of dying, without ever being truly alive.

The subsistence of a planet that revolves around, the most futile and empty incentive, money, the only one it shouldn't do it for.

The criticism that I make through my intervention, aims to touch directly the extreme consumerism experienced. Thinking and making people think, represents for me as an artist and as a person, a way of trying to help. It is imperative to observe, feel, listen, think, and do. To make at least one grain of sand of this Earth roll away, to make a tear fall...or a smile!

1. Transcendente no atelier1.jpg

Mariana Gillot, artist born 1975 in Lisbon. Lives and works in Sintra. She has held several solo and group exhibitions, highlighting "Journey to the Enchanted Confines of Xentra", in the gardens and rooms of the Palácio de Seteais Hotel in Sintra and "Lab Rats" in Galeria António Prates in Lisbon. He has participated in numerous art fairs, with Galeria António Prates, namely Arte Lisboa and Art Madrid and with Galerie Makowski at Volta Basel, Affortable Battersea Spring UK London, Brussels, Stockholm, Hampstead London. In group exhibitions, highlights include, "Amália um olhar contemporâneo", Galeria António Prates with the attribution of an Honorable Mention with the work "Oh tinto afina o fado". She is represented in the Maritime Museum of Ílhavo with the work "The coronation of Gadus Morhua", through Nuno Sacramento Contemporary Art Gallery.

Represented by Galeria António Prates in Lisbon and by Galerie Makowski in Berlin and Nyc. Has been published in several media, such as Ar.tes , Le Monde Diplomatique , Directarts International.

Solo Exhibitions


- Exhibition “Shoot Love”, The Oitavos Hotel, Quinta da Marinha Cascais, Curated by Ana Cristina Baptista, Art For You Agency.


-Exhibition Lab Rats, António Prates Gallery, Lisbon


-Solo exhibition "O Sabbat de Xentra", at the museum of contemporary art in Sintra, MUSA.


-Exhibition at Livraria Europa América in Estoril

-Exhibition at Sisudo Restaurant, Almoçageme


- Exhibition "Journey to the enchanted confines of Xentra", gardens and rooms, Palace of Seteais, Sintra.


- Solo exhibition, "Everything Counts!", Vernay Gallery, Oeiras.

- Solo exhibition, "Hope", video/installation, Cultural Center of Macedo de Cavaleiros.

- Solo exhibition, "Small Talk", Cidadela de Cascais, Opening of the Club.


- Solo exhibition, "The other side of ourselves", Castelo de Alter do Chão.

- Solo exhibition, "Crisis on wheels", Casino de Lisboa.

- Solo exhibition, "God save the queens!", in Storytailors, Lisbon.

- Solo exhibition, "How fatten the little pig?", Praça das Flores Gallery, Lisbon


Collective Exhibitions


- Hamptons Fine Art Fair, with Galerie Makowski, booth 203, (July 13 - 16)

- Collective Exhibition, Galerie Makowski, Nyc, 72 Warren Street, Tribeca and 515 Madison Avenue

- “O tempo das imagens" exhibition, Portuguese National Library, curated by the Portuguese Serigraphy Center


- Collective Clausura, Samora Correia Cultural Center

- Exhibition of the edition of three serigraphs, "Golden Dream", "A Kiss for your thoughts" and "Tweeting Love", at the CPS Centro Português de Serigrafia, at the headquarters and at the CCB Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon

- Hampstead London Affortable Art Fair, stand Galerie Makowski, (May 5th to 8th)

- Stockholm Art Fair, Galerie Makowski stand, (April 20th to 24th)

- Brussels Affortable Art Fair, stand B15 Galerie Makowski, (March 23-27)

- Battersea Spring Art Fair, Affortable Art Fair UK, London, Galerie Makowski stand, (March 10th to 13th)

- Collective collection exhibition, António Prates Lisbon Gallery


-Volta Basel, Basel Switzerland, Stand Galerie Makowski

- Collective exhibition, "Percursos", António Prates Gallery, Lisbon

- Group exhibition, Galerie Makowski, Berlin


-Collective exhibition, "Amália a contemporary look", António Prates Gallery; Honorable Mention for the piece "Oh tinto afina o fado"

-Participation in the 2020 Luxembourg Art Prize International Competition.

- Collective Exhibition of Public Art of Sintra, Vila de Sintra, with the International Sculpture Centre.


- Collective exhibition of Sintra Public Art, Vila de Sintra, with the International Sculpture Centre.


- Collective exhibition of Sintra Public Art, Vila de Sintra, with the International Sculpture Centre.


- Collective exhibition Sintra Public Art, "O Romanticism", Vila de Sintra, with the International Sculpture Centre, (continued).


-Collective exhibition Sintra Public Art, "O Romanticism", Vila de Sintra, with the International Sculpture Centre.


-Collective exhibition at Quinta da Assunção. Fine with Transcendent

-Exhibition Sintra Public Art, "Dreams and Queens", Vila de Sintra, with the International Sculpture Centre.

-Collective exhibition, Espaço Arte, Livraria Europa América, "Improviso Coisificado", original artefacts in defense of work



-Collective exhibition at the Sal Poente restaurant, Ílhavo.
- Exhibition Sintra Public Art, Renaissance, Vila de Sintra, with the International Sculpture Centre.
- Collective exhibition, Wine and Fado, Wine Museum, Bairrada, Nuno Sacramento gallery.
- Collective exhibition Bakalhau, with the 3rd piece from the “Bakalhau” collection, Maritime Museum of Ílhavo, with Galeria Nuno Sacramento.

- Show and exhibition of the 3rd piece belonging to the “Bakalhau” collection, at Caves de S. João, at  Avelãs de Caminho, Anadia, with Galeria Nuno Sacramento.
- Display and exhibition at the Dope LX store, Centro Comercial Colombo, Lisbon.
- Collective “Casa das Artes”, Sesimbra, with five works.
- Stand at Galeria Nuno Sacramento, group show at the event “Festival In”, Fil Lisboa.
- Collective of the “X Exhibition of Monumental Sculpture of Sintra”. With Moisés Preto Paulo between  outros.
- “The coronation of Gadus Morhua”, Art collection of the Maritime Museum of Ílhavo. Permanent exhibition.
- Collective exhibition of 70 artists, Bakalhau, Nuno Sacramento Gallery, Ílhavo Maritime Museum and Ílhavo CC.


- Collective exhibition 5 artists, "Art in the feminine and the feminine in Art", Former CTT building, Castelo Branco

- Collective exhibition 10 artists, "I feel lucky", Adélia Matos Gallery, Porto.


- Stand at Galeria António Prates, Contemporary Art Fair, Arte Lisboa, Lisbon.

- International Biennial of Plastic Arts and Industrial Design, Marinha Grande, Portugal.

- Collective exhibition "One Hundred Republic", António Prates Gallery.


- Exhibition of the selected finalists, for the "1st Young Visual Arts Prize" at CAE. - Arts and Shows Center - Figueira da Foz.

- "The Assumption of Similarity", Collective exhibition with Eva Alves and Inês Marcelo Curto - Cc de Macedo de Cavaleiros.

- António Prates Gallery stand, Arte Lisboa Contemporary Art Fair, Lisbon.

- "Despertart", Opening Art Exhibition, Lisbon.

- António Prates Gallery Stand, Contemporary Art Fair, ART Madrid '09, Spain.

- "Disposable you", Exhibition of young artists with Clara Martins, Daniela Ribeiro, Eva Alves, and Inês Marcelo Curto, António Prates Gallery, Lisbon.


- António Prates Gallery stand, Arte Lisboa Contemporary Art Fair, Lisbon.


- Exhibition at the Museum of Ancient Art, ArCo, Lisbon.

- Installation in Porto de Lisboa, ArCo, Lisbon.


First Prize with "15th Theater Show" by Sintra City Council, (scenery)

Honorable mention with the work, "Oh tinto afina o fado", by António Prates Gallery and Amália Rodrigues Foundation


museums and collections

Antonio Prates Collection

João Pedro Cid Collection

Ílhavo Maritime Museum

private collections



Man, in his daily life, lives daily with his selfishness, ambitions, vices, addictions, loves, dislikes and with the real need of constant fitting in the hasty evolution.

A dose da vida

Mixed media

8 A dose da vida.jpg
42 tras.jpg

Diamonds are girls bests friends

Mixed media

42 Diamonds are girls bests friends.jpg

Gadus Morhua

Mixed media

31 O Peso da Crise.jpg

O peso da crise

Mixed media

I believe that when "material values" start to be lacking, people start to value their Human side more and the values of the heart.

Rega a tua crise

Mixed media

20 Rega a tua crise!.jpg
15 Fogo de vista.jpg

Fogo de vista

Mixed media

Go ahead

Mixed media

16 Go Ahead2!.jpg
73. sete ais 1.jpg

Sete ais

Mixed media

22 Baixo de precos em groove.jpg

Baixo de preços em groove

Mixed media

32 Crise Sobre Rodas.jpg

Crise sobre rodas

Mixed media

66 On fire! .JPG

On fire

Mixed media

24 Time is Money.jpg

Time is money

Mixed media

12 The Lord of War.jpg

Lord of war

Mixed media

The fattest Mr. Pig

Mixed media

33 The fattest Mr.Pig.jpg
11 Passar os Cobres.jpg

Passar os cobres

Mixed media

9 century gold.jpg

Century gold

Mixed media

10 Century Silver.jpg

Century silver

Mixed media

26 Easy money II.jpg

Easy money 2

Mixed media

25 Easy Money.jpg

Easy money

Mixed media

52 queen5.jpg
48 queen1.jpg

Queen 1

Mixed media

49 queen2.jpg
55 queen8.jpg

Queen 2

Mixed media

Queen 8

Mixed media

50 queen3.jpg

Queen 5

Mixed media

Catch me

Mixed media

Catch me  SETEAIS.jpg

Queen 3

Mixed media

29 Non-potable.jpg


Mixed media

  We are simply experiencing a crisis of values, which we ourselves have outlined with our excessive ambition for power and material wealth, as a way of filling all the empty holes that we keep within ourselves from true evolutions such as beings, which we often cannot be.



Mixed media


Mixed media

Oh tinto afina
o fado!

Mixed media

72. transcendente.jpg

Life time savings

Mixed media

I continue to feel a huge need to draw attention to all these complex issues. I need to look at myself in the mirror, but in the interior mirror and do "facelift", on all the edges to be filed. Throw away the old mirrors already stained and tired, of real physical images.

Your sweet home

Mixed media

4 Moon's Wife.jpg

Moon`s wife

Mixed media

Dar o nó

Mixed media

Mechanic`s moon

Mixed media

I need to reflect, inserted even if little in today's society, on renewed values, recycled and full of emotion, positive thinking, acceptance of defeat, fighting spirit and effort.

Open your heart

Mixed media

You have to start over, every waking up, every life, every generation. 

Easy slide

Mixed media


Mixed media

A coroação do Gadus Morhua

Mixed media

a coroacao de gadus morhua 2_edited.jpg
foto mariana gillot.JPG

I feel that it is imperative that every gifted human being manages to recreate in himself the capacity to laugh at himself.

This anguish leads me to evoke the rest of the world to share my boat.

Have we forgotten that, above all, we are people, that we have the gift of life with all that it involves and implies? ...Are we lost or are we just asleep? ....What are we going to do to get around it? 

Will it be in our hands, in the hands of each one?

Mariana Gillot



directarts revista_edited_edited.jpg
directarts revista_edited_edited.jpg
le monde diplomatique SOLD.jpg
noticia Sabado revista.jpg


2022- Magazine Arte CPS Centro Português de Serigrafia, “The kiss of life and the freedom of love”, by Maria João Fernandes.

2022- Le Monde Diplomatique, March edition, with the work Sold.

2021- Rádio M80, Cultura program, suggestions, Lab Rats exhibition

2014- Elle Magazine, on the agenda, about the exhibition in Seteais.   

2014- Interview with the philosopher José Neto for the project A Arte e a Mente.

2014- Magazine Caras, on the agenda, about the exhibition at Palácio de Seteais

2014- Cosmopolitan Magazine, about the exhibition at Palácio Seteais

2014- Magazine Sabado, Temptations on the exhibition at the Palace of Seteais

2014- Cover of the Magazine Le monde Diplomatique, with Aspirando amor/ no interior, Transcendente, Open your heart, works from the exhibition at Palácio Seteais.

2014- Mutante, "The charms of Sintra on display/Tivoli Palácio de Seteais", by Patrícia Serrado

014-, National Center for Culture, cultural agenda. "Journey to the Enchanted Deeps of Xentra".

2014- Canela e Hortelã online magazine, "Mariana Gillot invites you to a fantasy visit to Seteais", by Elsa Furtado and Francisco Padrão Mota

2014- Lux Woman Magazine, "Journey to the enchanted confines of Xentra", Seteais.

2014- Le Monde Diplomatique, Portuguese edition, with the work "O Peso da Crise".

2013- Directarts International Magazine, "Future", work by Mariana Gillot.

2013- international magazine, "Mr. Gadus Morhua"- Coletivo Bakalhau

2013- Jornal Público, 9/01/13, about the collective Bakalhau, (Galeria Nuno Sacramento)

2013- Directarts International Magazine, on the collective exhibition Bakalhau.

2012- Jornal de Ílhavo, December 2012

2012- Report on TV Bragança, about the exhibition and presentation of the video, Esperança, at the Cultural Center of Macedo de Cavaleiros.

2012- Interview about the exhibition Esperança, by Lídia Martins, Rádio Onda Livre, Macedo de Cavaleiros.

2011- Fer Jornal TV, on "The other side of ourselves", by Patrícia Azevedo.

2011- Time Out Magazine, nº 198, Crisis on Wheels, at Casino de Lisboa.

2011- Interview for Rádio Comercial, with Margarida Gonçalves, about the exhibition on the program "Deus salve as Rainhas!", Barulho das Luzes.

2011 - Interview and exhibition, on the program "Boa Tarde", with Conceição Lino, Sic

2011 - Interview and exhibition, on the program "Alô Portugal", with José Figueiras, Sic Internacional

2011 - GQ Magazine, Culto Arte- Dossier "Uses of the Euro

2011 - Revista Sábado, "How  fatten the litlle  pig?"

2011 - Jornal Dínamo Online, "How do pigs get fat?", by Sandra Adonis

2010 - Rtpn, December 5 interview about the work "Crisis on wheels", by Teresa Cotrim

2010 - Jornal O Público, photo, "Crisis on wheels", article about Lisbon Art,

2010 - Sic News, November 2010

2010 - Directarts Magazine, "An artistic cry", about the work, November

2010 - Book, "International Biennial of Plastic Arts and Industrial Design of Marinha Grande", about the work, November

2010 - Book, "As Melhores Apostas da Arte Portuguesa", by Paulo Lopo

2010 - International Magazine "ART.ES", section "Work and Word" - Nº 38

2009 - "Luxos Time" magazine, work "Time is Money" magazine by Raquel Prates.

2009 - "Luxos Time" magazine, article suggesting works of art.

2009 - "Correio da Manhã" newspaper, also online about the work "Tempo é Dinheiro" available at the Contemporary Art Fair "Arte Lisboa".

2009 - Interview for Rádio "Clube Português", about the work available at the Contemporary Art Fair "Arte Lisboa".

2009 - Interview for Radio "Antena 1", about the work available at the Contemporary Art Fair "Arte Lisboa".

2009 - Magazine "Luxos Time", about the work "Time is Money 1".

2009 - RTP, "Há Conversa" - Interview with António Prates, by Helena Ramos.

2008 - First Radio "Antena 3" Morning news about the Contemporary Art Fair "Arte Lisboa".

2008 - News from SIC and RTPN TV about the work available at the Contemporary Art Fair "Arte Lisboa".

2008 - "Time Out" magazine, in "Art has a price" by Miguel Matos.



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